Despite strong competition from both Mel Gibson's war epic Hacksaw Ridge and Danny Boyle's return to the Edinburgh drug scene, neither was enough to defeat cute animals singing pop songs.

Sing topped out at the Irish box office this week, earning an impressive €851,409 on its opening weekend here in Ireland. That’s the biggest opening of all-time for an original non sequel Illumination Pictures animation in Ireland. To put it in context, the opening was ahead of Up, Inside Out and Finding Dory.

T2: Trainspotting took second place, with a weekend gross of €366,294. Hacksaw Ridge, meanwhile, finished fifth with Split and La La Land taking third and fourth respectively.

La La Land is holding strong in its third week, having now made €1.5 million at the Irish box office during its three weeks at cinemas. Not only that, it's likely that La La Land will remain in cinemas up until the Oscars at the end of February and could potentially double its figures in that time. La La Land only suffered a 27% drop on its third week.

Meanwhile, Manchester By The Sea is going into its third week with €260,135 accumulated so far. Fellow Oscar contender Jackie is having slightly better luck on its second week, with a combined total of €270,916 gathered so far.

Disney's Moana, however, is holding strong on its EIGHTH week at the box office, coming in with a total so far of  €1,828,110.