In the days before the internet, the only way you could hope to see movies like Robocop, Aliens or Die Hard 2 if you were underage was if you had a TV in your room and Network 2 happened to be showing it that night.

For those of you under 20, Network 2 is what they used to call RTE2. Nowadays, age-rating software and restrictive guidelines means it's nigh on impossible to see these kinds of movies unless you go through the proper channels - which is exactly what some young buck did. According to IFCO, a 10-year old boy contacted them and very politely asked them to lower the rating of Alien: Covenant so he could see it.

The unnamed movie buff said he could handle the movie and was even good enough to offer IFCO some pretty cool sketches in exchange for lowering the classification. Sadly, IFCO couldn't allow it, but thanked him for his correspondence and assured him that he'd "find some other good movies you can attend instead."

Would they feature xenomorphs ripping a guy in half? Would they feature references to Sigourney Weaver's hairdo in Aliens? Would they feature a power-loader? Absolutely not.

Little man, if you're reading this or if your parents are reading this, keep at it and don't be discouraged in the slightest by all this. Come and see us in a few years and we'll hook you up with a job.