With so many mainstream titles now getting a remake in Hollywood, producers are turning to slightly more obscure titles.

Spyglass Media Group and Project X Entertainment are remaking 'Short Circuit', a sci-fi comedy from 1986.

The original cast was led by Ally Sheedy ('The Breakfast Club'), Steve Guttenberg ('Police Academy, 'Three Men and a Baby') and Fisher Stevens.

It followed an experimental robot named Number 5. When lightning strikes him, he attains newfound super intelligence, and escapes a laboratory.

John Badham ('Saturday Night Fever') directed the movie.

The studios behind the remake are also producing the 'Scream' remake-slash-sequel.

This remake will be a family film with Eduardo Cisneros and Jason Shuman penning the screenplay.

Deadline reports that the writers have been hired to "put a Latinx twist on the screenplay."

Thus we can expect the upcoming movie to include Latinx actors and view events through a Latinx cultural lens.

The upcoming film is currently in pre-production.