Shockingly, it's looking likely that there will be a third Hangover film, after The Hangover 2 made over $200 million in its first few days of release.

Reviews may not have been kind, but the Todd Phillips directed comedy has pulled in the masses and the audience response seems to be positive. Writer Craig Mazin spoke to The Wrap about the possible new sequel and said, "The third one really has to be about something that gets them off of this cycle. Every time these three guys get together, something terrible happens. The third one is about saving them from a life of agony...The Hangover Part II goes to another level in terms of how dark and insane it gets. The Hangover Part III will go to another level for the guys." Midget instead of a monkey this time, then? 

So it won't be the same film again, then? If Alan is getting married and it's another missing person scenario then surely folk will get jaded with the series.