But he wouldn't be the same without those teeth! How would we identify him?

Shane MacGowan wants a career in Hollywood. The Pogues singer is reportedly on the lookout for one of the greatest dentists the world has ever seen - God knows he'll need it - to straighten out his gnashers so that he may embark on his quest to become an actor. Though we reckon he'd get more quirky, character roles if he left his wonky pearls in tact.

It was on Twitter that his girlfriend put out the appeal for a top-class dentist, randomly enough.

"Shane is keen to find a dentist, so he can start in Hollywood film." She continued: "Pogues/Shane fans who are great dentists please apply!"

She later added: "Shane promises to do advertising campaign for the winning dentist!!!"
Then Pogues' official Twitter got in on the action saying: "ALERT! Job offer of lifetime. Any Pogues/Shane Mac fans who are great dentists please tweet @Victoriamary to work on the great man himself!"

So not only do you have to be handy with a drill, you'd want to know your Pogues tunes too. Any takers?

And while we're asking questions, what roles could you imagine Mr MacGowan in?