With Spectre, the 24th outing of James Bond, the theme tune has become just as important as who dons the tuxedo.

The previous Bond theme, Skyfall, won Adele an Oscar and became a global smash-hit for the singer. Now, with Spectre on its way to the cinemas in late 2015, just who can top Adele's success? We've got up with seven potential targets for the next Bond theme.

Take a look.



The soul singer has been making waves for some time, but her last album, Tough Love, had all the sensuousness and sexiness that's required of a Bond theme. It could be this generation's Licence To Kill, which is the best Bond theme in our opinion.



With his song, Arsonist's Lullaby, cropping up in the trailer for Netflix series Marco Polo, it's clear that Hozier has captured the attention of Hollywood. No doubt he's been tipped for a few soundtracks, but we think he'd be perfect for a Bond theme. He's got that sinister and grandiose range that the best Bond themes have. Our personal choice for the next Bond theme.




Norwegian electro-meister Todd Terje collaborated with Bryan Ferry on the latter's debut album, It's Album Time. Covering Robert Palmer's classic, Johnny & Mary, they made one of the most haunting songs of 2014. Seriously, why HASN'T Roxy Music or Bryan Ferry made a Bond theme already? 



Look, it's not unheard of to get someone back to do another one. Skyfall was, after all, the most successful Bond theme and even won an Oscar. It's definitely worth considering.



3. SIA

Although her work is a lot more electric and pop-focused than previous Bond singers, we think Sia could be a breath of fresh air. The neat, pop hooks Sia Furler is famous for could recall the likes of Duran Duran or a-Ha. Maybe lose the weird backup dancers, though.



You could argue she's already written several Bond themes, namely Play Dead and All Is Full Of Love, but giving her free reign over a Bond theme would really be something. 



He's already been linked with Spectre and, to be honest, he's the most logical - if a bit safest - choice. His rare set of pipes and throwback references to the likes of Chaka Khan, Tina Turner and so on means that he's got the scope and OTT-ness to take on a Bond theme. Pair him up with Disclosure for maximum charts damage.