We're not big on boardgames since, y'know, they remind us of sitting in a holiday home in Rosslare in the early 1990's when it was raining sideways.

However, Settlers of Catan is big business and has become a pop-culture phenomenon. It's been featured in everything from TV's Parks & Recreation to The Washington Post.

It's also got some high-profile fans - the sadly departed Robin Williams was a noted fan of Catan, whilst Mila Kunis and Elizabeth Banks are also known to roll the dice every so often and have a game.

The TV and film rights to the popular boardgame have been sold to producer Gail Katz, who previously produced Outbreak, Air Force One and is involved with the upcoming Bobby Fischer-biopic Pawn Sacrifice.

So, what would a film about a boardgame look like, exactly? You might scoff and say terrible, but let's take a look at Lego Movie for a moment.

Nobody, and we mean, nobody could have predicted what an unbridled success - both critically and commercially - Lego Movie was going to be. You simply couldn't have guessed that a film about a children's toy, that's not all that popular anymore, would become a global smash.

And yet, here we are.

We're not saying there's the potential for Settlers of Catan to become the next Lego Movie, but let's not dismiss this out of hand. With the right director, the right cast and the right tone, this could be a pretty interesting film.

We'll be keeping our eye on the horizon, but in the meantime, here's that Parks & Rec clip we mentioned earlier.


Via Collider.com