Yes, you absolutely read that headline correctly and no, this isn't WWN.

Seth Rogen has recently vacated his office in Los Angeles, following completion of The Interview. Rogen, who's a vocal advocate for marijuana legalisation, has been known to enjoy a joint on a regular basis.

Or, as he put it himself in a recent interview, "I've got a terrible case of I-wanna-smoke-weed-all-day ."

Well, that's definitely a thing.

However, Rogen's former offices is now being occupied by former Sony chief Amy Pascal, one of the key characters in the infamous Sony Hack scandal. Pascal is now producing the Marvel / Sony Spider-Man reboot and will be occupying the office for the foreseeable future.

Pascal has since ordered the office to be repainted and has not moved into the office until the weed stank is fully removed. Frequent visitors to the building noted that the smell could be detected from two floors up and that Rogen and Goldberg would regularly smoke up in the office.

We've heard opening up the windows and lighting candles usually helps to alleviate the smell. Or so we heard. COUGH.