Seth Rogen has defended James Franco's hosting of the 2011 Acadmey Awards, making a series of great points in the procees.

Rogen spoke to Shortlist Magazine and said, "I think when you agree to do something like that, you put a certain amount of faith in the institution, hoping that they'll take care of you, and I feel like they didn't," he added "Why hire James Franco and then give him Billy Crystal’s monologue? It was like, 'Oh, we'll hire these young hosts and then we'll just do the same shit we do every f**king year'." The star of the just released and very good, 50/50, didn't hold back in closing "I think they just approached it wrong," Rogen says. "They didn't think it through, and they were way underprepared. I think they hung him out to dry. So I wouldn't do it unless they hired some better writers."

It was easy to go after Franco and Hathaway because they were the two people we saw, and in fairness I was one of the critics that did. Rogen makes some great points there - the main one being The Acadamey of Motion Pictures and Arts don't know their arse from their elbow. Are we shocked that Billy Crystal was hired again this year!?