As Donald Trump continues to distract everyone engage in a standoff with North Korea, it seems pretty clear that the Grand High Cheeto has no real handle on how he's going to work it all out.

In an interview with - where else - Fox & Friends, Trump kept referring to North Korea's dictator, Kim Jong-Un, as "this gentleman" and referred to Bill Clinton's memoir, where he talked about the peace deal with Kim Jong-Il, saying that the two Democrat administrations were outplayed by North Korea.

Essentially, the inference is that Donald Trump either doesn't know or doesn't realise that Kim Jong-Il is dead and Kim Jong-Un is the leader of North Korea. Where does Seth Rogen fit into this, you're asking? We're getting to it.

You'll recall that Seth Rogen and James Franco's comedy, The Interview, centered on a celebrity broadcaster landing a feature TV interview with Kim Jong-Un. In a tweet last night, Rogen commented on Trump's handling - and please note, there are gigantic neon inverted commas over the handling - of North Korea.

You laugh, but this is probably accurate - a so-so comedy screenplay writer carried out more research on the leader of North Korea than the sitting US President. We are so f*cked.


Via Twitter