It seems the time has come for Seth Rogen and co. to venture into the world of animation. Seth, along with his partner, Evan Goldberg, are the brains behind the Sony produced 'Sausage Party'. Yes 'Sausage Party'. I'm already laughing.

The R-rated animated flic will follow the adventures of a stray sausage that has fallen out of a shopping basket as it embarks on a journey around a supermarket searching for the truth about its existence. The wee banger teams up with an array of friends as they set about the treacherous migration back to their respective isles before the 4th of July sale.

No doubt, we can expect a hape of filthy dirty jokes coming from a storyline like that.

Joining Seth and Evan on the project will be much of the crew from This Is The End. James Franco, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and David Krumholtz heading an all star voice cast with Kristen Wiig, Edward Norton and Nick Kroll getting invites to the Sausage Party, too, according to The Wrap. Wiig, it seems, preventing this one from becoming a sausage 'Fest'...It had to be done. Sorry.

Expect this one on your screens some time next year. 

For a preview of the kind of debauchery that's to be expected from 'Sausage Party', take a look at the trailer from the lad's 2013 hit This Is The End, if you haven't seen it already.