As a result of threats being made by a group who claimed there would be attacks on theatres showing The Interview, the movie's stars have decided to pull out of a number of scheduled public appearances. 

The group, who call themselves 'Guardians of Peace' and claim responsibility for the hack, have made a number of threats and stated that there would be attacks on theatres that show the movie. According to The AV Club, the threat stated that the world would be "full of fear" and referenced September 11th, and although the Department of Homeland Security believes that there is no viable threat, Sony and the cast of the movie have decided not to take the chance. 

Franco and Rogen have pulled out of a number of scheduled appearances, including an event with BuzzFeed, appearances on Watch What Happens Live, Late Night With Seth Meyers, and The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, as well as canceling an interview with Yahoo about the movie. 

Speaking to Deadline, a Sony representative stated that, as a result of the threats, any cinemas that didn't want to show the movie were free to pull it, and some theatres have already started to take up that option. The Sunshine Cinema in Manhattan’s Lower East Side was to host the premiere later this week, however that event has now been cancelled, while one cinema group in Georgia has decided that they won't be showing the movie at all, and a few others may yet follow suit. 

Via BuzzFeed, AV Club, Deadline