Although Adam Driver publicly stated that he'd prefer it nobody saw a teaser or trailer for The Last Jedi, it's very likely that we're going to see one at some stage before its release date on December 15th of this year.

However, this time around, it's clear that Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm aren't so much playing their cards close to their chest as they are withholding information to drive people insane. It's a good tactic, as the flurry of activity around the mere title release held the news cycle for a few days.

All films thrive on publicity and studios are coming up with different ways with each film to try and cut through the noise. The Last Jedi, and by extension Star Wars, is a different beast altogether. It sells itself. Everyone knows Star Wars. There's no need to educate the movie-going public on what it is.

Just to put things into perspective, The Force Awakens' first teaser hit YouTube on November 28th, 2014. The film wasn't due for release until December 18th, 2015. The second teaser landed on April 16th during Star Wars Celebration and the full trailer eventually hit two months out from the film's release. In total, there were three major trailers / teasers as well as a number of TV spots.

It's February now and we only find out what the name of the film this time last month and the film is due in cinemas in December. That's pretty much unheard of for a major blockbuster. It's quite likely that Lucasfilm specifically decided to withhold this information so as not to confuse audiences with its other property, Rogue One, still in cinemas. Likewise, no new information or teaser was given out for The Last Jedi in the same time period as The Force Awakens' teaser because, well, Rogue One was on its way to cinemas.

While it might simply be a case of logistics, the reality is that Lucasfilm could very easily hold off trailers and teasers until it suits them. There's no math that says they can't do that because, well, it's Star Wars - people will line up and camp out for it whether they know about it or not.

The prevailing theory is that a teaser or trailer for The Last Jedi won't be seen until April, during Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida. Some have speculated that it may be attached to Beauty & The Beast on March 17th, as it's the only major Disney release between now and April. Whether it's shown in March or April, the sheer lack of a teaser or a trailer at this point in the year is a bold strategy and something that's undoubtedly raising eyebrows in other studios.

Why bother to promote a film with a teaser, especially when you can drive people nuts by withholding?