If you were a big fan of child actor Lindsay Lohan (before she went a little cray-cray), you probably not only remember her breakthrough role in The Parent Trap but also her starring role in Life-Size, another Disney live-action movie.

The film follows a young girl who receives a doll as a present and accidentally brings the doll to life. Said doll is played by supermodel Tyra Banks.

Fans of the 2000 TV movie will be delighted to hear that Life-Size 2 is back in production again. A sequel to the movie was first reported in 2012 but nothing has been heard of the project since 2015.

Banks will be returning to play the iconic role of the doll who comes to life. There’s been no word on whether Lindsay Lohan will cameo, but it looks unlikely.

American television channel Freeform, which is owned by Disney, has announced that Life-Size 2 will be aired, but not until December 2018. It's been announced that it will be a holiday movie, so who knows? It could just be our next guilty Christmas pleasure.

Here’s a clip from the original: