After David Fincher was in discussions and made a point of saying he’d only make the Aaron Sorkin scripted Steve Jobs biopic if Christian Bale played him, it seems his asking price and control over marketing of the film has seen Sony seek someone else - both to direct and star.

That someone else is British director Danny Boyle, who is looking at none other than Leonardo DiCaprio to play the Apple co-founder who died almost three years ago. The pair previously worked together on The Beach. 

According to Screenrant, Sorkin’s script focuses on three points in Jobs’ life; the launch of the original Macintosh computer, the NeXT computer, and finally the iPod.

While no deal is in place between director, star and studio as of yet, Sorkin won an Oscar for his work on The Social Network in very similar circumstances, so it may be a case of just ironing out the creases in their deals before both men come on board.

Speaking of Steve Jobs, have you seen Bill Burr’s bit on him? Well worth watching...