It's hard to imagine it, but when Scream was released all the way back in 1996, it was a real gamble. Horror films had been relegated to direct-to-video status and there hadn't been any kind of box-office or critical smash in the genre since, well, Silence of the Lambs. So for Wes Craven - a horror veteran - to mesh a teen movie with a horror movie was a huge risk. Thankfully, it paid off and Scream is considered one of the best horror films of the past thirty years. Here's what they've been up to since then...

NEVE CAMPBELL - 'Sidney Prescott'

Prior to Scream, Neve Campbell had a regular role in Party of Five with Matthew Fox from Lost. Since the Scream franchise ended - there were four films in total - Campbell's been busying herself with roles on Titanic: Blood & Steel and turned up for two episodes in Grey's Anatomy. She was also in Wild Things, which we remember for all sorts of different reasons. Ahem.

COURTNEY COX - 'Gale Weathers'

If it's not Friends she'll be remembered for, it's Scream. Courtney Cox signed on for the film just as Friends was becoming huge. Since the series ended, she's been in TV's Dirt - which lasted for two seasons - and is currently the lead in Cougar Town, which to be honest, we've never watched. But we hear it's good. Sort of. Kind of like Scrubs.



DAVID ARQUETTE - 'Dewey Riley'

If you take a look at David Arquette's Wikipedia page, there's WAY WAY more information about his time as WCW World Heavyweight Champion than any of his other efforts. Go on, take a look. We'll wait. Since Scream, he's turned up in Cougar Town with his now-ex wife Courtney Cox and is due to star in an American Civil War drama directed by the guy who did the Bratz Movie. Yes, really.



SKEET ULRICH - 'Billy Loomis'

With a name like Skeet, there's just no way you're going to survive past 1996. Since Scream, he's turned up in Law & Order: LA - we didn't even know there was a LA version - and was the lead in Jericho. He's also a regular cast member on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken.