Scott Eastwood caused a bit of hoopla recently when he was linked with the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey. The movie may not have happened for whatever reasons, but the picture of him that circulated (above) certainly got the internet and the laaaaaydies, in a tivvy.

Eastwood has a very famous Dad, and looks a bit like him in his younger days. Who doesn’t love Clint bleedin’ Eastwood?

What? What Republican convention!? A chair? Nah, wiped that shit from a memories. Shurrup. 

Anyhow Scott has popped up in a couple of his old man’s films, the recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D and some indies, but has now signed on for his first major leading role, which is a Nicholas Sparks adaptation.

Eastwood will headline The Longest Ride, which Deadline say centres on a 91 year old man, trapped in a car crash who is looking back on his life as a young couple nearby fall in love.

Generally speaking the first person to cough in a Sparks’ flick is a goner. Our money is on the geriatric in the car this time.

Anyhow, be interesting to see how Eastwood handles his first big role.