How many Scary Movies has there been at this stage, eleven? OK not quite that many, but after the first two or three, I was rightly bored off my tits. That was until I realised Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen would join forces for the fifth one; two desperate worlds colliding can only amount to cinematic greatness, right? What's even more exciting is the thought of this two getting it on big shtyle. As stomach-churning a thought this may be - just think of two copulating ashtrays, see pic above - I imagine what they will get right here is their chemistry. Don't forget, it was Sheen who defended Lindsay back in 2010 when her career in DUIs was already in full swing (she earned her first one of those in 2007). At the time he thought people should give her a break 'cause she was doing the best she could. Thankfully though, she's come a long way since then. Lol JK, she was just arrested the other day.

Anyway, for Scary Movie 5, Charlie reprises his role as Tom Logan while this is Lindsay's first time to appear. Truth be told, the fifth movie doesn't look half bad. First of all, Malcon D Lee will direct from a script by Airplane!'s David Zucker - which was voted the funniest movie of all time in a recent poll - and Pat Proft who wrote The Naked Gun. What's more, the cast is somewhat promising; Sheen and Lohan will be joined by Ashley Tisdale, Molly Shannon, Heather Locklear (who worked with Charlie Sheen on Spin City) and Private Practice star Kate Walsh.

Scary Movie 5 will hit American cinemas on April 19th 2013. We'll keep you posted on an Irish release date.