Scarlett Johansson has signed on for the film The Amazon Warrior, set in 200BC. The actress told Variety: "I think I'm supposed to be a gladiatrix. These film guys are crazy about gladiatrixes. But do I fit into the Amazon mold? I'm a Danish/Jewish girl from New York. I've done weapons training. I've fired all kinds of guns: 9 mm, semi-automatics, machine-guns, shotguns. I've jumped off a 60-foot building. I learned to ride for 'The Horse Whisperer.' But I've never done a full-on action role. I guess I'm still waiting for my Cirque du Soleil moment. It would be fun." So, basically, Johansson will run around in a loin cloth, handing numerous males their asses, thus giving her an even higher profile, and making men the world over soil themselves with excitement. She still hasn't been good in anything since Lost in Translation, though.