It seems the spirit is inferior to the body in Hollywood (but didn't we all know that already?) as Scarlett Johansson has been declined eligibility for a Golden Globe nomination.

The girl with a pearl earring plays a disembodied electronic voice in upcoming flick Her so her famed physique is never seen. So, despite winning the best actress award at the Rome Film Festival earlier this month, the Hollywood Reporter say that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association have deemed her ineligible for Golden Globe glory this time.

But don't fret Scarletteers, she is likely to qualify for the Oscars and that's all that matters really, right?

Her follows a lonely man played by Joaquin Phoenix who falls in love with the Avengers star's character, Samantha, the voice of a high-tech operating system. The interesting sounding flick co-stars Olivia Wilde, Rooney Mara and Amy Adams - who all play humans.

The film, which is directed by Spike Jonze, can still be nominated for all other Golden Globe categories and judging from the pre-general release reaction, it probably will.

Watch a trailer for Her below: