Even though Tim Miller and Junkie XL backed away from Deadpool 2, it looks like incoming director David Leitch has gotten production back on track and moving forward.

According to a casting notice doing the rounds in Hollywood and insider sources, casting is already underway for a major character in Deadpool 2. The report - by YouTube channel The Hashtag Show - has it that Scandal's Kerry Washington is up for a major role in the sequel and will play Domino, a mutant who is able to make herself more lucky by way of telekinesis.

Yes, really.

The Hashtag Show's report states that names such as Sienna Miller and Gugu Mbatha-Raw were in the running, but that the studio is leaning heavily towards Kerry Washington for the role. Meanwhile, there's still no official word on who'll be playing Cable, a character that was also frequently seen alongside Deadpool in the comics.

The last rumour on that topic was that our own Pierce Brosnan was the choice to play Cable, with an Instagram post featuring Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and Brosnan adding more fuel to the rumour mill.

As it stands, nothing's been confirmed - but it's likely that that'll change soon as the film is likely closing in on a production start date if it's to meet its March 2nd 2018 release date.


Via The Hashtag Show