We're always interested to know what our main man Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing next. Upon winning us over way back when with Third Rock from the Sun, to charming the pants off us as he danced around the set of Jimmy Fallon, to his genuinely awesome directorial debut, Don Jon, among a smattering of fantastic roles in everything from 50/50 to The Dark Knight Rises, 500 Days of Summer and more, if ever there was a word to describe the JGL, it's versatile. And dreamy, yes definitely dreamy.

Next on the horizon for the guy that we all wish was our best pal is a comic book movie adaptation that's been circling over Hollywood for almost two decades: Sandman.

At first it was to be taken up as a TV series, purely because of the enormous amount of material with which to work. That never happened and now it's JGL who's going to bring it to life.

All that's certain at present, and we know because he tweeted about it so it's not a mere rumour, is that Gordon-Levitt is attached to produce the movie, alongside Warner Brothers' David S Goyer. Don't forget, Levitt is already the darling child of WB after his The Dark Knight Rises work (not to mention his involvement in the soon to be rejuvenated Batman franchise).

Those in the know (Deadline, mainly), however, are confident that JGL will also direct the film, following on from his great work on Don Jon, and more than likely star in the titular role too.

Sandman follows the story of the character of the same name who takes the real-life personification of dreams. He finds himself captured for 70 years only to break free and realise that his kingdom of dreams has been reduced to dust.

Well he's certainly the man of our dreams. Apologies, couldn't resist.