Lolz. 'Tis a sad day for those of you who quite fancy Samuel L Jackson in his birthday suit. Not sure quite how many of you there are, but I'm sure you're out there, sobbing into a pillow as you read this informative nugget of news.

The Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained star star recently damaged his shoulder during filming for his upcoming movie 'Big Game' and has joked (don't joke with us man!) that the injury has severly limited his chances of stripping down to his nudey any time soon. Dang.

Speaking on 'The Late Show with David Letterman', he revealed: 'When I landed on my shoulder the ligaments which hold the clavicle down snapped and my clavicle jumped up ... So yeah all my topless, naked, nude scenes are done now!'

OK. We just might be able to cope without any more Jackson nudey scenes but what of the rest of his acting opportunities, and what exactly happened? 'I was flipped from a height of about seven feet out of a freezer, which is supposedly a helicopter flying through some woods... They had a camera on one end of the freezer and I was on the other and the stuntman jumped off the freezer, the camera flipped the freezer and I went flying out of it and landed on my shoulder... I love my job, I'm fortunate enough to be sort of in demand and I get to choose some interesting things to do and hopefully that will continue.'

And apologies, we tried to find some, but we can't at present get our hands on any naked Samuel L Jackson photos. We will endeavour to bring these visual delights to you in the near future.