I really like Sam Worthington. The interview I did with him for Avatar is still amongst my favourite, and he's a really sound guy with a low tolerance for bull sh*t. No surprise then that he's come out with some true Aussie honesty when talking about the financially successful, but critically derided Clash of the Titans.

"I think we can improve (on Clash)," Worthington told Moviefone. "I totally agree the first one let people down, and what the writers, the director and myself are setting out to do with this one is improve. I want to take all the notes I've been reading on the net, and try to give people a movie they f**king want." He actually does read all the fanboy posts, something he pointed out to me - again, staggeringly refreshing from the usual movie star mantra of "I never read what's written about me." He added "The only point of doing a sequel is either that the audience demands it or you believe you can better the first one. If the audience is speaking, it's like the old gladiator thing: they give us the thumbs up or the thumbs down. We want to stay alive in that coliseum as long as we can."

Granted, it's easy to say that when a film has come and gone and been a box office hit, but few actors are as outspoken nowadays when publicists drill them in what they can and cannot say. Jonathan Liebesman is directing this time out, and Liam Neeson is back in, an apparently, bigger role.