Should things ever get dull for Ryan Tubridy and Joe Duffy (not that the latter stops talking for a minute long enough to establish whether things are dull or not), they could always skip off to Hollywood and pursue their respective acting careers. The two Irish personalities have just made their debut appearance in Irish movie Life's a Breeze which tells a feel-good story set against the backdrop of the lingering Irish recession.

Having announced the news about this movie just yesterday, you'll be aware that legendary Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan and Pat Shortt take front and centre roles here. Also starring in this forthcoming flick will be Love/Hate actor Peter Coonan. 

Stick July 19th in your diary for the date that you'll get to see how Tubs and Duffy shape up with their on-screen cameos.

Celebrating his birthday yesterday, Tubridy said:He said: ”I know I’m 40 because I feel it. I will be fine on Thursday and then it’s time for the last Late Late Show. About two months ago, I booked (Wednesday) off because I just thought I might fancy a walk.”