The John Hughes-written, Chris Columbus-directed, Macaulay Culkin-starring classic 'Home Alone' is getting a reimagining - except this time, it's about a guy getting high on his own and imagining thieves breaking into his house, except they actually are.

Really, this is the kind of thing you'd think up when you're actually high - so it's no surprise that the title for this odyssey is called, wait for it, 'Stoned Alone'. (slow clap)

Deadline reports that Ryan Reynolds is set to produce with upcoming director Augustine Frizzell and writers Matt Mider and Kevin Burrows set to write. There's no word yet on casting or whether Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern or Macaulay Culkin are involved with it, but don't be in the least bit surprised if one or all three make a cameo appearance somewhere along the way.

No release date has been set.