Being an actor is a weird enough job as it is, but it's doubly odd when it comes to watching your own work.

Is it narcissistic, or is it simply just a way of analysing your own work? Can you even enjoy the way the audience can? Maybe it's the kind of thing where you need a good bit of drink to stand it.

That's pretty much what Ryan Reynolds did last night, where he live-tweeted a viewing of 'Green Lantern' - the diabolical superhero movie that pretty much derailed his career, but did lead to him meeting his wife Blake Lively. As you'd expect, Reynolds spent much of the movie cracking jokes and promoting Aviation Gin, because the man can't go five seconds with dropping it in somewhere.

That said, there were more than a few funny moments along the way. Here's a few.

Of course, it has to be said that the movie is pretty much muck, but downing your own booze while watching it probably helps to reduce the sting. As for what happens with the character, the jury's still out. There is a 'Green Lantern' reference in 'Zack Snyder's Justice League', but beyond that, nobody's really sure if they're going to try again with it.

After all, how can you possibly Ryan Reynolds taking the piss out of it constantly?