Ryan Reynolds has given us some legendary interviews over the years.

Of course, it ought to be noted that their hilarity isn't just the result of Ryan Reynolds alone.

His co-stars Hugh Jackman ('Wolverine'), Jake Gyllenhaal ('Life') and Josh Brolin ('Deadpool 2') have been key to these interviews' brilliance.

With regards to Gyllenhaal, the pair of actors were responsible for the most entertaining Wired auto-complete challenge ever. The series has actors answer the Internet's most searched questions about themselves.

Best line in the interview: "You punch a couple of hundred orphans and suddenly you're 'mean'."


The actors were also responsible for doing what had to be the most entertaining press junket ever (even if it was probably a stressful day for their PR reps). Here's a taster of a typical interview from the day...

... And a compilation from the same junket to prove that no, the above wasn't a one-off.


Ryan Reynolds also shares a beautiful bromance with Josh Brolin. Here, the two insult each in the Playground Insults game for BBC radio.


Of course, Reynolds' most renowned friendship has to be with frenemy Hugh Jackman.

A few years back there was the brilliant interview he had with Hugh Jackman for the movie 'Eddie the Eagle'.

They have been 'feuding' but talked about their 'truce' in an interview earlier this year. This is just brilliant.


Lastly, let's not forget the time Ryan got roasted by his 'twin' Gordon.

In fact it was so popular he came back and did a second.