It's all about the confirmations today, innit?

We had Benedict Cumberbatch officially sign on as Doctor Strange and now we've got this - although, to be fair, everyone knew about this long ago.

Ryan Reynolds has officially signed on to play Deadpool in the upcoming spin-off - a role he's been chasing for the last six years.

The actor tweeted this from his account yesterday evening, basically confirming what everyone's known for some time.

The test footage which "leaked" on the Internet a few months back saw a raft of interest in the dormant production, with many speculating as to why it was still on the backburner.

Obviously, the bigwigs at Fox listened.

SFX guru and first-timer Tim Miller will be helming the film with veterans Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel's Kevin Feige producing.

So, thoughts on all this? It's all about whether or not they commit to the necessary R-rating (that's 16 / 18 cert over here) that the character needs.

Trying to put Deadpool in a neutered, 12A environment didn't work previously. Anyone remember X-Men Origins? Exactly.

Thankfully, the test footage we saw looked pretty great so we've got hopes for this one.

Deadpool is expected in cinemas by February 2016.


via Variety