You've really got to give credit to Ryan Reynolds and how's he ridden the crest of the wave started by Deadpool and its ingenious marketing.

The film, which is now officially the highest-opening R-rated film of all time and is the third most profitable superhero film, has won over hardened fans and passing fans alike with its hilarious blend of outrageous and explicit humour and the fact that Ryan Reynolds could make the phone book sound funny.

As we reported a few days, a petition to have Ryan Reynolds - in character as Deadpool - host Saturday Night Live reached well over 20,000 signatures in the space of a few short. Earlier today, Ryan Reynolds released a video which pretty much addressed the reasons why he won't be hosting SNL and, in doing so, took a gigantic swipe at Kanye West.

West's leaked outburst on the set of SNL went viral earlier in the week and now, it seems, Deadpool's got one of his own.

Take a look.

Deadpool is more influential than the KIA Sorrento, Bob Newhart, MC Hammer and the iPhone 5. DON'T F*CK WITH HIM.

Heh. Hmmm. Huhhh huhhh. Huh. Huh huh. HMM.


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