Ryan Gosling has been offered, and flirted with, numerous blockbuster films throughout his still fledging career, but always seemed to stump for the indie. That's just changed with news that he'll headline a big budgeted version of Logan's Run.

Gosling has just completed work on the action film Drive, and that film's director, Nicolas Winding Refn, will also take the reins on Logan's Run. The book has previously been turned into a film in the 70s with Michael York starring, and centres on an "enforcer" who chases down anyone who is 30 and legged it from "mandatory euthanasia" put in place to balance the population. That's all hunky dory until he is forced to go on the leggit himself.

Drive must be good. Be it early footage, or word from the set; the studio have seen something to go with an indie pairing for such a big blockbuster. Those that don't frequent arthouse cinemas will now be privy to one of the best actors of his generation - hopefully the film lives up to its potential.