Whiplash, for us, was the highlight of last year and proved that you could make a smart, well-crafted film in a little bit over 90 minutes.

So, naturally, we've been following wunderkind director Damien Chazelle's offers since then and, we've gotta say, this one looks pretty special. According to recent reports, Chazelle's next film after his sort-of follow-up to Whiplash, La-La Land, is a biopic on the career of Neil Armstrong.

As Chazelle himself explains it, "I sort of hesitate to call it a biopic. It’s a mission movie. It’s purely about the landing... It will cover about six years. It’ll start with him joining NASA and will end in ’69 with the landing. So it’s purely a process movie, it’s a movie about building up to that achievement."

His very next film, La-La Land, sees Chazelle working with Ryan Gosling and the word is that he's currently working out a deal to star as Neil Armstrong. Gosling's dancecard is slowly filling up, mind.

He's officially signed on for Blade Runner 2, which is due to begin filming in Summer 2016, and he'll more than likely be moving straight from that to this. With that in mind, you most likely won't see Gosling in a NASA spacesuit until 2017 at least.

Still, it's a fascinating insight and getting someone like Chazelle onboard with Gosling is a very cool prospect. Couple that with a screenplay by the guy who wrote Spotlight - 2016's first five-star film - and you're looking at Oscars galore for this.


Via Deadline