OK hold on a minute there now love. We've spent the last few weeks consoling ourselves over the fact that Ryan Gosling wouldn't star as the titular Christian Grey in the book-to-film-adaptation that's got a load of randy grannies talking. But now, the author's husband says he's the one actor most likely to take the role. EL James' husband Niall Leonard said to Now magazine that "last [he] heard", Gosling was the one we should be betting on. He then went on to deny the rumours that he'd inspired his wifes' writings on serial spanker Christian Grey. Well not in any significant way but hey, they say you write what you know, don't they?

"I'm glad I'm not him because he's actually damaged… I wouldn't have liked to go through what he went through," said Leonard.

So at this point we're back to the drawing board; Ryan Gosling? Alexander Skarsgard? Chris Pine? That other hot dude we were banging on about? Here's a thought, why don't they adapt the book to such an extreme ('cause it's sh*t anyway) that there's a hole handful of hot fetishists in the story? Like Christian's actually a member of some sort of ridiculously-good-looking-with-a-penchant-for-bondage cult. Now that, we'd watch.

In other FSOG news, it's been reported recently that Bret Easton Ellis who wrote American Psycho, has been dropped from the list of people vying for the chance to write the Fifty Shades of Grey film.