Well it's been another busy day in Hollywood and Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Anniston and Michael Keaton all have something to talk about.

First up, the lovely Mr Gosling has only gone and cast his missus in his directorial debut. Didn't anyone ever warn the poor fella that working with your other half can be tricky? We suppose if Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow can do it... Anyway, Ryan's written a film about a girl named Billy. She's a single mother who is swept into a disturbing fantasy underworld after her son discovers a secret road that leads to an underwater town. The aptly named Bloody Disgusting reports that Mendes will take on the role of Cat, a young woman who works at a fetish club. Well, that's one way to tell a lady what you think she's good for Mr Gosling...

The cast of Friends have had plenty to talk about today and, never one to be left out, Jennifer Aniston has gone and got herself a nice little part in Convention alongside Iron Man 3 star Sir Ben Kingsley and Safety Not Guaranteed's Mark Duplass. The three are set to star in the upcoming flick, which will be directed by Justin Reardon (A Many Splintered Thing). The project, which is described as a "mind-bending comedy" (whatever that means) is due to enter production this summer and has yet to be assigned a release date.

Finally Batman himself, Michael Keaton, has some news of his own to share. The Hollywood Reporter says he will be joining Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots and Dominic Cooper in the big screen adaptation of Electronic Arts' Need for Speed. Scheduled for release on February 7th 2014, Need for Speed will focus on Paul's character, a local street-racer who teams up with and is later framed by Cooper's shady businessman. When he gets out of prison he gets himself involved in a coast-to-coast race, during which Cooper's character does all he can to get in his way. Keaton will be playing the rather eccentric and reclusive man behind the challenge. Bruce Wayne anyone?

Now, that's plenty to digest before your dinner.