It hasn't yet been released anywhere yet, however it looks like people are already taking exception to Armando Iannucci's latest film, The Death of Stalin.

The period satire follows the power struggle that occurred between Nikita Khrushchev and Lavrentiy Beria following Stalin's death, and has been winning rave reviews for its biting political comedy. However, one of the top-ranking advisers to Russia's cultural ministry has said that the film may not secure a release.

The Communist Party, which is the second-largest party in Russia's parliament, have called for the film to be denied a release as they believe the film to be "another form of psychological warfare", and that the film is "revolting." Meanwhile, pro-Kremlin media in Russia have said that the film is "a nasty send-up by outsiders who know nothing of our history," and likewise called for the film to be denied a release.

Volga, which is due to distribute the film in Russia, have not yet set a release date for the film. The Death Of Stalin, however, will be released in Ireland on October 20th.

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