Master And Commander: Far Side Of The World is one of those films in Russell Crowe's filmography that's sort of overlooked, but it shouldn't as it's a cracking film - but sadly didn't set the box office on fire in 2003.

All told, the film made $212 million during its initial run against a production budget of $150 million. On the weekend of its release, it came in second and dropped to fourth by the next weekend - but did enjoy some pretty positive reviews along the way. So, what happened with a possible franchise? Well, that box office happened which pretty much scuppered all chances of seeing another film.

However, none other than Russell Crowe himself took to Twitter yesterday morning and posted this. 

Whether or not the whole thing comes together remains to be seen, but it could just be that 20th Century Fox is actually planning to give it another go. So, to Rusty's question - is there any interest in a Master And Commander sequel?

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Via Twitter