Russell Crowe is being linked with two extremely high profile leading roles this morning, according to

First up, and most likely, Crowe is top of Darren Aronofsky's wanted list for the lead role in his biblical epic, Noah. It's somewhat of a passion project for Aronofsky, who really pushed on with it after pulling out of directing a Wolverine sequel. Crowe is also being linked with the remake of Robocop, being directed by Brazilian filmmaker Jose Padilha, who has seemingly been thinking out loud about possible stars for his movie. Last time he spoke it was Michael Fassbender - who was linked to Noah previously also.

Crowe has been on somewhat of a lull career wise, but is still one of the most talented and intense actors of his generation. L.A. Confidential, The Insider and Gladiator - is that the best streak in recent memory?