Last week we already announced that Hollywood legends Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws, Close Encounter Of The Third Kind) and Terry Gilliam (Monty Python, Twelve Monkies) would be coming to Dublin with their latest movies for the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, and yesterday we told you that none other than 90s heart-throb Jason Priestly (of Beverly Hills 90210 fame!) would also be in town to show off his cinematic directorial debut Cas & Dylan, which stars none other than Richard Dreyfuss (small world!).

If that weren't enough, Irish superstars Andrew Scott (best known as Moriarty from Sherlock) and Hugh O' Conor (Chocolat, My Left Foot), as well as British beauty Pollyanna McIntosh (Land Of The Lost, Filth) showed up bright and early at The Merrion Hotel in Dublin to talk about this year's festival's line-up of celebrities and movie folk.

Scott and O' Conor are two of the stars of the festival's closing night movie, The Stag, (trailer HERE: and McIntosh can be seen in Love Eternal (trailer HERE: ). But these are just three of over 100 international guests and two of the two hundred and twenty two films (yes, you read that right, 222 films!) that will be showing in Dublin from February 13th to the 23rd.

John Hurt (from the likes of Alien, Hellboy and V For Vendetta) shall be regaling audiences with his lengthy and vast career, Amy Huberman will also be in town to talk up her role in The Stag, Irish legend Brenda Fricker and well-known English thespian James Fox will be here with their latest movie A Long Way From Home, and Jean Marc-Barr will accompany his movie Big Sur in which he plays Jack Kerouac.

Folks behind the camera will also be about, with Richard Ayoade (Submarine, The I.T. Crowd) bringing his second directorial outing The Double - staring Jesse Eisenberg - to the festival, David Mackenzie will answer questions about his movie Starred Up featuring Homeland actor Rupert Friend, and then there's Jonathan Glazer (Sexy Beast, Birth) who will be showing us his Scar-Jo starring sci-fi horror Under The Skin.

And if all that weren't enough, Peter Morgan - screenwriter of mega-movies like The Last King Of Scotland, Rush, Frost/Nixon and The Queen - will be giving a masterclass on his craft, which is must for any budding writers out there!
But of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg! Talking to Festival Director Grainne Humphries, there is an immense passion behind promoting Irish movies, and showing off the talent behind them, as well as bringing a massive international and sometimes experimental group of movies to Dublin's cinemagoers. "We get to show off these movies, and the people involved in making them are more than happy to come over with their films… If you're interested in getting into film, then this is the place, because the film-makers really love talking about their work."

The full Jameson Dublin International Film Festival line-up will be available on their site to buy tickets for from 10am on January 21st, so make sure to get up bright and early before they sell out, and check back in on later this week for our special picks of what has caught our eye as must-sees over the fest!