Although the social media embargo on reviews of Justice League was lifted last week, Warner Bros. is still enforcing a full review embargo until Tuesday, November 14th at 11:30PM - which is tomorrow at 7:40AM our time.

The official Irish press screening is happening tomorrow morning as well, which means the reviews from all outlets - ourselves included - will start surfacing tomorrow afternoon and evening. Rotten Tomatoes, which collates the scores from various outlets across the globe, has said that they are delaying the reveal of the score until Thursday morning.

Why is that? Well, primarily, it's do with the fact that Rotten Tomatoes have their own Facebook Live Show and the reveal will be announced there. Of course, many have argued that the Tomatometer isn't exactly an accurate barometer of whether a movie is actually good or not, the same way box office figures don't really determine it either.

The other part, as well, is that die-hard fans of the DCEU have pretty much had a fatwa for Rotten Tomatoes - and critics, in general - ever since Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice got middling reviews. Given that Rotten Tomatoes collects reviews and funnels them into one score, it could be that they're simply trying to hold off the hordes of abusive comments they'll get if Justice League gets a poor score.

However, considering the optimistic early reviews so far, that may not happen.