So the rumours are true; Irish model Rosanna Davison is to make her acting debut in a 'fast paced action film' that's also a 'martial arts/cage fight/gangster flick' called Ringsend. What's more, it's 'anticipated to the best film to come out of Ireland in years.' So you're telling us it's going to be better than The Guard? And What Richard Did? Hmm, they're some wild claims right there.

Don't get too excited though lads, we won't be treated to a display of any major acting chops here; Rosanna is just appearing in a cameo role. However, her character has been described as 'very interesting'. Lolz. She'll be working alongside former Eastenders actor Martin Kemp, Don baker, Shabba-Doo and new Irish actor Mark Smyth.

The film is set mainly in Dublin. From Irish writer Brett Halliday, Ringsend is said to 'bring us back to the days where filming was so big in Ireland.' 'Cause lately it's been lying dormant, y'see.

Well our interest has certainly been piqued, has yours? Will Ringsend serve to make a mark on the Irish cinema scene? We wait with bated breath.