Alliteration aside, Ronda Rousey's upcoming remake of '80s classic Road House is gearing up production to take place directly after her title fight against Holly Holm. The remake, which will see Rousey take the role filled by Patrick Swayze, will be set in current times and see Rousey as a bouncer in a rural nightclub.

It's understood that Nick Cassavetes, who previously directed The Notebook and the Justin Timberlake-starrer Alpha Dog, has been tipped to write and direct the remake of Road House. Although Cassavetes' most well-known films are more female-friendly like The Other Woman and The Notebook, he's done one or two action pieces and has starred in a number himself, including Face / Off and a small role in Blow.

It's hard to know how the remake of Road House will play out as the original was a hit - but for all the wrong reasons.

Here's a quick snifter of the original. Be nice.


Via Variety