It really is heartening to see Ronda Rousey's career go from strength to strength.

After the weekend's display of sheer fighting dominance - THIRTY-FOUR SECONDS, PEOPLE - it seems like there's nothing that can stop Rousey.

It's that drive and determination that features largely in her biography, My Fight / Your Fight. As you'd expect, she's now hot property in Hollywood.

She had a small but significant role in Fast & Furious 7 and turned up in Expendables 3 as well, as well as cropping up in WWE stuff too.

Anyway, Rousey's biography is being turned into a film with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes scribe Mark Bomback adapting the book and producing.

Rousey will be playing herself and it's understood Paramount have picked up the rights for the book as well.

It'll be a couple of years yet before there's any movement on this, however. For one, Rousey's acting career is shaping up pretty nicely with roles confirmed in Peter Berg's upcoming actioner Mile 22 and a mysterious film with Warners called The Athena Project.

There's also a smidgeon of a rumour that she may possibly crop in a Marvel TV series / movie at some point, not to mention the fact she's the reigning UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion.


Via Variety