Ronda Rousey faces uncertainty over her movie career if a story in The New York Post is anything to go by this morning.

Rousey had been cast in 2 films - Mile 22 and a remake of Road House - but both are yet to go in front of the camera. The Post are saying the reason the former is yet to make it to production is over concerns about Rousey's acting ability; this is despite her doing a strong job on Saturday Night Live when she hosted a few months back. Many non-performers who appear on the show struggle, Rousey didn't.

Heavy-hitters Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg were involved with action flick Mile 22, which has now appeared to have stalled.

She has already appeared in a Fast and Furious movie, The Expendables 3 and Entourage, but has obviously never led a film before. She'll return to the octagon at the end of December in an attempt to win back her Bantamweight Title against Amanda Nunes

The Notebook helmer Nick Cassavetes is working on the Road House remake and reportedly refining the script.

Rousey went into self-imposed exile after her loss to Holly Holm about a year ago in Australia. With that went a lot of buzz. But everyone loves a comeback story and Rousey is an incredible athlete who could very well get the job done with Nunes and turn it all around.