How would you feel about an Arrested Development movie? Or need we even ask such a ridiculous question? The answer, I presume, would be a resounding yes.

World renowned director (and executive producer/narrator of the show) Ron Howard believes the popular series' return to Netflix is but a 'calling card' for a feature length film. And surely, those involved, Jason Bateman and all, would be keen enough to sign on?

Howard and the series' creator Mitch Hurwitz are still biding their time before they can make the inevitable transition to the big screen. In an interview with Time magazine, Howard said of the Bluth mania: "As time went by and Mitch started developing the movie, trying to break the story, he said, 'My problem is I'm investing a minimum of 40 minutes, just trying to quickly catch everybody up because the cast is so large'."

He went on to describe the current glut of episodes as 'an outgrowth of our ongoing ambition to try to do the Arrested Development movie".

"It's a calling card. That's what it's become. There was a moment where we hoped to do these and roll right into the movie but the studio [Fox] was reluctant to make that kind of commitment . So, that's where we are."

Well we're certainly right there with you; here's hoping the studio will cash in on the show's critical acclaim while it's still hot to trot and we'll be putting our eager bums on some cinema seats soon.