German blockbuster director Roland Emmerich is known for his grandiose handling of many a summer tentpole, and this year will have the massive apocalyptic thriller 2012 to astound us all with (or bore the shit out of us, ala 10,000BC). But while that effects-driven world ending malarkey is still in post production, Emmerich has signed on to helm thoughtful epic Foundation, based on the book by famed science fiction scribe Isaac Asimov. The novel is low in explosions, but high in ideological ideas, as it deals with the collapse of a galactic civilisation, and something called "psychohistory" a cross between sociology and mathematics, which may hold the key to the rebuilding of the galaxy. It sounds a lot deeper than what Emmerich may be used to helming, but my he does love this end of the world stuff. How about a comedy, Ronald!? You're killing us here (literally).