We'll freely admit that we were more than a little reticent about the idea of a Blade Runner sequel.

After all, how do you improve on something like Blade Runner? The film is truly seminal, so the attempt to top it is, we think, ultimately going to fall short.

However, the news we've been hearing is slowly beginning to turn us around. Hampton Fancher, the original's writer, has turned in a screenplay that Harrison Ford has called the best thing he's ever seen.

Denis Villeneuve, who directed the magnificent Prisoners and the eerie Enemy, has signed on to direct and Ford himself has said he's on to reprise his role from the original.

Roger Deakins - who Villeneueve worked with on Prisoners - has signed on to act as Director of Photography for the sequel.

Deakins' work has defined cinema in the past twenty years. His work with the Coen Brothers all the way up to Skyfall has been nothing short of gorgeous and beautiful.

In short, we're excited to see what he'll do here.

To get you in the mood, here's our favourite clip from Blade Runner.


Via Collider.com