This is a news story about Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro discussing his return to the role of Xerxes in 300, the epic, bloody film set in 480 BC. It's also an opportunity to stop what you're doing and revel in the aesthetic wonder that is Rodrigo Santoro ->>>

Ahhh, that's better. Now, where were we? Speaking to, the actor who made men green with envy and women dribble with lust after his turn in Christmas hit Love, Actually said of the forthcoming sequel: "I had to shave, I had to work out again, I had to go back to Xerxes... It's the same character. There's little new things - a little before, a little after - but most of the movie, it's during... kind of the same time where the first movie takes place... There's a lot going on. It's hard, the green screen, it's a different way of working. It's really challenging to work that way and the character wears a lot and Xerxes is a giant. He's almost not human, which is a poetic licence... It comes from a graphic novel so it's not based in real history, so that character is very, very tall and his voice is like thunder and that's the description of this character. So there's a couple of special FX and tricks that have to be done to accomplish that figure so I do scenes by myself. It's interesting, it's a lot of work."

While the first flick was directed by Zack Snyder, the follow up - 300: Rise of an Empire - sees the relatively unknown Noam Murro at the helm. We've yet to get a release date on this but stay tuned, it won't be long.