How trendy; RoboCop just got a new outfit. Do you like it? Well the black colour is certainly on trend but it looks rather chafey if you ask me.

Shared by the folk at, these pics show actor Joel Kinnaman who plays the titular RoboCop donned in his new suit while on set in Toronto. For Jose Padilha's remake of the 1987 sci-fi action flick, RoboCop's new ensemble ditches the silver chrome finish of its predecessor and goes for a slimmer shape.

Set in a crime-ridden city, Robocop tells the story of a fatally wounded policeman who returns to the force as a powerful cyborg law-enforcer, ever haunted by memories of his past. Robo is then forced to battle against corruption both in and outside of the force.

Robocop will hit cinemas in August of next year. The remake boasts a stellar cast among which Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, Michael K Williams and Michael Keaton are included. Where Michael Keaton played the crime fighting Batman in his heyday, here he takes on the role of the villain, which according to Digital Spy, was first offered to Hugh Laurie. Here's hoping they made the right choice.