It looks like Roberto Orci's first directing gig won't be Star Trek III.

It was announced last night that Roberto Orci - who wrote the first two alongside long-time writing partner Alex Kurtzmann - has left the director's chair.

A list of potential candidates includes Edgar Wright, who famously dropped out of Marvel's Ant-Man, following a disagreement with the studio over the direction of the film.

As mentioned, Star Trek III was to be Orci's first film as director, with that decision raising eyebrows across Hollywood.

It's not yet known why Orci left, however a release date for Star Trek III has been set for some time in 2016.

As much as we love Star Trek Into Darkness, it didn't go over with audiences as much as the first one.

The rumour is is that the third one will be more in line with the original series, i.e. more about exploration than explosions.

Edgar Wright could be the man for the job, as his films have a weight to them - despite all the comedy.

Not only that, Wright is keen to move away from comedies and wants to try make himself into a mainstream director.

Star Trek III might just be the ticket for him.