Although 'The Old Man And The Gun' is being touted as his final on-screen performance and the movie itself even seems to bend to that thinking, Robert Redford now appears to be walking back some of his retirement talk.

At the premiere of said movie, Redford was questioned by Variety on the subject and admitted that mentioning his retirement "was a mistake. I should never have said that." When pressed, Redford explained that "(if) I’m going to retire, I should just slip quietly away from acting, but I shouldn’t be talking about it because I think it draws too much attention in the wrong way. I want to be focused on this film and the cast."

It's a fair point, as much of the hype surrounding 'The Old Man And The Gun' has centred on Redford's imminent retirement, but given this statement, that may no longer be the case. When asked point-blank if this was it for him, Redford refused to answer and said that he'd keep "the mystery alive."

Thanks, Robert. That tell us nothing.

The movie arrives in Irish cinemas on December 8th.